Is Your Inefficient Power System Costing You?

Optimizing and maintaining your power systems and equipment can be costly and honestly, inconvenient. But ignoring outdated, inefficient energy systems could cost you more. Like most organizations, you may be wasting up to 15% of your revenue on energy you don’t even use.

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Innovative Technology

Upgrade Your System without Replacing It

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Preventive Maintenance

Decrease the Risk of Equipment Failures & Costly, Unscheduled Repairs

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Rapid Response

In An Emergency, Every Minute Matters

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Staying Up to Date is Critical

By failing to update your power distribution network you may be unknowingly pushing its limits. But everything has a point of failure.

And failure when it comes to something as vital as your electrical network means loss of power, loss of revenue, and even loss of life.

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Providing you quality products and services backed by ABB Field Services South. Learn more about our power delivery solutions.

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Safety & Compliance is Our Goal, What’s Yours?

Certified Technicians Around Every Corner

Not only does our field services team stay up to date with safety training and certifications but we also extend these training services to our clients. These training services are intended for work supervisors, engineers, technicians, users, programmers and maintenance workers. Depending on the background of your organization, we understand that your training needs may vary. That’s why we offer the following areas of training, among others:

  • small gear graphic Products & Systems
  • small finger checking off boxes icon graphic Commissioning & User
  • small gear and wrench icon graphic Services & Maintenance
  • small box icon Design & Dimensioning
  • small product development icon Customer-Specific Tailored Courses

Increase your capability to respond effectively in any given situation. Improve your operational performance and save money.

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Most organizations WASTE up to


of their revenue
on energy they don’t use

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Pushing Technology Boundaries Year After Year

Providing the safest and smartest solutions so you and your employees can continue to advance beyond the industry standard.


Field Services, At Your Service

Enabling your equipment and systems to work as efficiently as it can is the purpose of our workday, every day. We do this by:

  • Installing
  • Repairing, and
  • Maintaining

Learn more about how we can help during each of these phases today.

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