System Integration

ABB Field Services South provides a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates your system with other power systems and controls. By managing how and why these systems communicate with each other we are able to implement a flawless solution.

Functional Specifications

ABB Field Services South provides the development of systems that includes making sure you have functional specs as well as all of the correct components. When backed by the experience and expertise of the ABB Field Services South team you can rest easy knowing you we are getting the right system for you.

Success in our work means we ensured your project is completed to your standards each and every time.

Auto Throw-Over Schemes

Power failures can happen for all types of reasons such as a weather event or equipment failure but keeping your operation up and running is the goal. The ABB Field Services South team offers you a solution that enables you to stay on track no matter what happens.

Power Monitoring Systems

Manage your critical data and systems through the monitoring of voltage currents and power usage (via kilowatts). ABB Field Services South will access and provide you with the most cost effective and efficient solution to keep your operation running.

Remote Monitoring/Control

ABB Field Services South offers solutions that allow you to manage risk, efficiency, and more for all of your systems from a remote location.


ABB Field Services South leverages simulation through a number of best practices. These include:

  • Full Factory Tests
  • System Acceptance Tests


Variable frequency drives or VFD’s through ABB provide a cost savings solution to control the voltage supplied drives by an electric motor. Arc Flash Mitigation tools and techniques also work together with VFDs to ensure an efficient solution.

Soft Starts

ABB Field Services South providing efficient and economically savvy solutions to start your equipment. Providing upgrades and maintenance primarily to Legacy GE and ABB equipment, we can also assist on other manufacturer projects.


Programmable controllers are built to ensure all systems work together efficiently.


ABB Field Services South provides maintenance and upgrades to a number of HMI systems. Click below to learn more.