Functional Specifications

ABB Field Services South provides the development of systems that includes making sure you have functional specs as well as all of the correct components. When backed by the experience and expertise of the ABB Field Services South team you can rest easy knowing you we are getting the right system for you.

Success in our work means we ensured your project is completed to your standards each and every time.

Functional specifications are used in saving you time during your project. They allow for the ABB (the contractor) and you (the client) to see the project as a whole so everyone is on the same page from start to finish. The functional specification is different from the specification sheet because it is created by the contractor instead of the client. 

functional specification

Additional benefits of functional specifications include:

  • Assists the Engineers in Saving Money and Time
  • Provides an Accurate Time Frame for the Whole Process
  • Facilities More Accurate Quoting From the Beginning
  • Allows for Transparency for all Stakeholders and Members Involved
  • And More

To get started on your next project, contact the ABB Field Services South team today. 


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