3 Reasons Why ABB Service Agreements Are Your Secret Weapon

Wonder if ABB Field Services service agreements are a good investment for your company? Field services are both exciting and demanding. You rely on top-of-the-line equipment, and only the latest technology will suffice. However, maintaining these costly investments isn’t always easy. Who will you call in the event of an emergency?

A service agreement from ABB Field Services South will streamline your daily operations. We go above and beyond to provide solutions to help our customers focus on what really matters. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. A Single Point of Contact to Cut Complexity

How many service providers does your business contact regularly? If the answer is more than one, then a service agreement from us makes more sense. Instead of scrolling through a Rolodex of providers, we’ll supply you with a single point of contact. We will even bundle multiple services into one contract. This benefit means less time wasted for your business and fewer headaches for you.

2. Annual Pricing to Reduce Costs

Are you tired of receiving surprise bills from providers? Hidden fees and non-disclosed service charges add up over time. With ABB Field Services South, we don’t believe paying for service should be a guessing game. That’s why we provide our customers with fixed annual pricing. For the duration of your contract, you’ll never have to worry about a rate hike. Best of all, you can always count on us for reliable service delivery. Predictable pricing means you’ll be able to allocate your funds elsewhere.

3. Customizable Options to Maximize Capital

A service agreement with the ABB Field Services South team helps you to protect your assets and boost capital. We offer customized service modules. After signing up, you’ll choose the options that best align with your unique business needs. Whether you rely on our equipment or your own, a service agreement with us will ensure you detect issues in the early stages. You’ll also have access to improvements as they become available, which will boost profits and help you sustain gains.

Working in the field means you never experience a dull moment. But, it’s also challenging to manage daily operations and unexpected events without any help. A service agreement with us will help simplify your day-to-day activities. Ready to get started? Get in touch with ABB Field Services South to sign up for one of our service agreements.

5 Reasons Why ABB Consulting Is a Must

team consulting

Have you heard about all the advantages of ABB Field Services South consulting services? Facility managers often try to wear every hat at once. They handle all the day-to-day operations without input from others. While this may work at first, you may overlook some critical items in the process. Hiring a consultant from ABB Field Services team member will save you many headaches as you scale your business. Here’s how:

  1. Expert Auditing Services

Auditing your facility requires an outside perspective to prevent bias. A consultant will be able to audit every aspect of your business, including equipment, procedures, and projects. The report will highlight all the good things and point out any problem areas. After an audit, you’ll know where to adjust your operations to make up for any shortcomings. Expert auditing services will improve your bottom line.

2. Project Management Training

Professional development is crucial in every industry. That’s why ABB Field Services consultants provide project management training. We’ll give you the tools needed to lead your team to success. You’ll learn how to plan objectives, set goals, and manage resources. Your employees will not only view you as a boss, but you’ll also become a well-respected, admired leader.

3.Risk Assessment

Facility safety is paramount. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook flaws that may put your workers or equipment in harm’s way. Our consultants will complete a comprehensive risk assessment. We’ll explore all aspects of your business, leaving no stone unturned. With us on your side, your safety incidents will decrease tremendously.

4. Value Analysis

What’s the true value of your facility? ABB Field Services consultants will analyze every aspect of a project, such as spending, operations, and systems. We’ll figure how you can tweak it to increase the value or if you need to cut costs. A thorough value analysis will improve your facility’s efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Strategy Development

You have a new project waiting on the sidelines, but how will you take it from development to completion? Even the best ideas need a plan of action. Our consultants will help you create an organized vision for the entire facility. Strategy development will give you clear goals and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Consultants provide the blueprints to get a project up and running. Ready to experience these benefits for yourself? Connect with us online to learn how the ABB Field Services consulting team will help take your facility to the next level.

Signs You May Need a System Upgrade or Repair

main power room

Do you need a system upgrade or repair at your facility? Equipment and technology are expensive, which is why many facility owners put off upgrades until the last possible minute. However, waiting too long may end up costing you more in the long run. Here’s how you can tell if you need to schedule repairs or upgrade the system entirely:

1. Increased Downtime

While you should prepare for occasional downtime, if your system keeps going offline, that’s a real problem. There are many reasons why systems experience downtime. Crashes, outages, and communications failures are just a few of the most common. But too much downtime can hurt your bottom line, and you should schedule maintenance or consider upgrading the system.

2. Frequent Outages

Most power outages are out of your control, and others you may even plan. But some outages may be a result of an overloaded system. If outages become a regular occurrence—even on a sunny day—it may be time to upgrade your equipment. New technology is often capable of running the same tasks without as much energy, reducing the number of outages you experience

3. Increased Maintenance Costs

Regular maintenance is a must if you want to keep your systems operating at their peak. But if you call for repairs more often than not, it may be more economical to purchase an upgrade. Sure, a technician may be able to get things working again, but at what cost? Upgrading now will save you more money overall.

4. Getting Slower and Slower and Slower

Speed and efficiency are the main benefits of technology. However, as technology ages, it gets slower. Older equipment can no longer handle loads as quickly as before. And since time is money, slow equipment will hurt your profits. If there is something newer and faster available, upgrading the system is the best solution.

5. Increased Security Risk

Hackers are always on the lookout for new victims. Older systems are at an increased risk of developing vulnerabilities. If a hacker finds their way inside your system, they can wreak havoc. Scheduling repairs is the best way to close any potential entry points and protect your electrical systems.

Are your systems robust and reliable enough to run around the clock? If you notice any changes in how your equipment responds, it’s time to call in the experts. Reach out to the ABB Field Services team to schedule a system upgrade or repair with us.

Quick Guide: Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

disaster recovery

Do you have a disaster preparedness & recovery plan? September is the peak of hurricane season, and these dangerous storms spare no one. Hurricanes leave behind downed power lines, widespread outages, flooding, and structural damage. However, knowing how to prepare and respond will limit your downtime. This quick guide will help you develop an effective plan of action.

Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

On average, you will receive a 36-hour window to prepare for a hurricane. But if you live in a high-risk area, you can start preparing for the worst all year long. Follow these steps:

  • Create an emergency supply kit. It should include water, non-perishable food, and a first-aid kit.
  • Pack a cellphone, portable charger, and battery-powered radio.
  • Trim any bushes or branches on your property, especially those near power lines.
  • Board up windows to reinforce them against strong winds.
  • Consider placing sandbags around your facility’s perimeter to help prevent flooding.
  • If you live in a high-risk area, don’t forget to purchase flood insurance. You must do this in advance. Most policies have a waiting period before the coverage goes into effect.

Evacuation is always a possibility during a hurricane. Leaving as soon as possible helps you avoid gas shortages or congested traffic. If you choose to shelter in place, buy a generator and enough fuel to last for at least two weeks.

Recovery After a Storm

Widespread power outages and damage are common after a hurricane. Field workers may stumble across fallen trees, downed power lines, and structural debris. Flooding may further complicate recovery efforts.

Once field workers restore power delivery, test all systems carefully. Before turning on any electronics, search for signs of water damage. Never mix water and electricity—they’re a deadly combination.

Inspect your property for leaks and broken windows. It’s also a good idea to test the water for bacteria, and when in doubt, boil it before consumption. Blocked roads may complicate travel. Avoid heading out unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Get Back Online with ABB

Hurricanes do a lot of damage in very little time. ABB Field Services can help speed up the recovery process. We have the products and services needed to get you back online and fully operational. Get in touch with the ABB Field Services South team to learn more about our disaster preparedness & recovery services.

How to Get More with Power System Studies

power system studies

Are power system studies vital for your facility? Absolutely! And these reports can also save you money when used correctly. Keep reading to learn how you can get the most out of your upcoming studies.

What Is a Power System Study?

Simply put, a power system study is a thorough analysis of several engineering investigations. Each study evaluates different parts of your power system to ensure they all work under ideal and abnormal conditions. Here are some common studies:

  • Load flow
  • Arc flash risk study
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Motor starting report
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Electrical load monitoring
  • Lightning protection
  • Time-current report

It’s uncommon for a facility to request all these studies at once. They are more likely to order an analysis to address a system-wide problem or during an upgrade. The data collected will help you make smart decisions related to your power system.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from power system study:

  1. Fewer Safety Incidents

An arc flash incident can cost your company a bundle. Damage to expensive equipment may put you offline, and paying for repairs adds up quickly. And that doesn’t even touch the amount you’ll pay to treat an injury. A power system study will show where and how to improve safety. Developing an effective safety plan will reduce the number of adverse events. Even preventing one safety incident will more than pay for the analysis.

  • Better Preventative Maintenance

The results of a power system report will help you plan a better preventative maintenance program. For instance, load flow data or short circuit values may help you decipher when your equipment might fail. This information lets you take action now instead of waiting for a total system collapse.

  • Find Areas to Conserve Power

Are you getting the most value from your power system? While an electric bill provides the total wattage used each month, it doesn’t break down the numbers. The results from a recent analysis should clearly show how and where you are using energy. This information will help you reduce demand wherever possible, lowering your energy bill over time.

Want to save money while improving power distribution at your facility? Connect with the ABB Field Services South team to learn how to get the most value from power system studies.

The Impact of Power Delivery

power delivery grid

When was the last time you thought about the impact of power delivery? While people rely on electricity every day, they often take it for granted until disaster strikes. Outages and downtime significantly affect daily life. Here are the many profound ways power and energy delivery impacts the entire world:

The Impact on Business

Power plays a vital role in every industry. It runs the systems and processes in nearly all facilities. Without it, equipment would fail, and production would cease. Reliable power sources help businesses meet deadlines, develop products, and serve their customers. If energy delivery were to stop, the economy would suffer tremendously.

The Impact on Innovation

Innovation is the backbone of society. It’s responsible for finding solutions to problems once thought unsolvable. However, innovation also relies on power to thrive. Innovators need energy delivery to run their machinery, systems, and technology. During outages and downtime, this equipment becomes useless. Without a dependable delivery system, many projects and global advances would come to a sudden halt.

The Impact on Safety

Without power, the world would be a dark, cold place—both figuratively and literally. Energy lights up roads, houses, and businesses. It gives telephones and computers the voltage needed to call for help. Thanks to electricity, you don’t have to walk down a dark street or sleep in a cold home. Advances in power delivery make the world a safer place.

The Impact on Health

Modern medicine exists because of power. Electricity runs life-saving equipment, including ventilators and defibrillators. Improved power delivery guarantees there are plenty of outlets and enough voltage to treat patients. Backup power supplies make it possible to continue saving lives even during an outage. Reliable energy delivery ensures people get the treatment they need in a timely manner.

ABB’s Impact on Power Delivery

Power is the focus of everything we do at ABB Field Services. We understand the importance of reliable power delivery. That’s why we offer the products and services needed to keep all systems up and running. We pinpoint power system issues quickly so that you experience little to no downtime. And if we do find a problem, we’ll offer a solution to help prevent an outage. Contact an energy expert on the ABB Field Services team to learn even more about the impact of power delivery.

How Do I Mitigate an Arc Flash?

arc flash currents

Before heading into the field, you need to have an arc flash mitigation plan. These events indicate a serious fault in the power system. A sudden arc flash can cause widespread outages and equipment damage. In the worst-case scenario, it may even lead to injury or death. These strategies will help mitigate risk and create a safer work environment:

Arc-Resistant Switchgear

When used correctly, arc-resistant switchgear directs flash energy away from workers and equipment. The latest technology can withstand an electric arc entirely. There are two main types of switchgear recommended: passive and active.

Passive arc-resistant switchgear works to contain the arc. It might even reduce the chances of an event occurring. Active arc-resistant switchgear limits the strength and length of an event. This also reduces the risk of equipment damage.

High-Resistance Grounding

The smaller an arc flash, the less energy it creates. High-resistance grounding works to reduce the size of line-to-ground faults. These systems monitor and reduce current flow as needed. Generally, grounding limits currents to 5 and 10 amps during an incident. The operator can then safely locate the fault without any downtime.


Arc flash relays provide around-the-clock mitigation for voltage systems of all sizes. Whenever the relay detects light from an arc, it immediately signals the circuit to disconnect power. This quick response greatly reduces the amount of energy produced by the arc flash. Relays are simple to install and very cost-effective.

Current-Limiting Fuses

The more powerful an arc’s current, the more damage it can do. Current-limiting fuses block current during faults. It only takes a few milliseconds for the fuse to react during an event. This reaction prevents system overload and reduces downtime.

Remote Operations

Remote operations should be a part of any mitigation strategy. Some procedures are too dangerous to execute in person. It’s critical to keep workers as far away from arc flashes as possible. Remote operation of breakers and switches lets operators work away from high-risk areas.

Prevention Solutions

A flash event can happen in the blink of an eye. Prevention is key to protecting the lives of operators and reducing equipment damage. ABB Field Services South offers solutions to improve safety in the field. Connect with us to discover which products are essential to your arc flash mitigation strategy.