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No matter what issues lie ahead, your organization will emerge stronger with a consulting partnership with ABB Field Services South. We co-create and co-innovate solutions that position you as the leader in your industry. 

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Support provided by our team includes:

  • OEM Support
  • Electrical OEM Support
  • Industrial Preventative Maintenance
  • Electrical Preventative Maintenance
  • And More

We are passionate about the service we provide and are committed to bettering your power functionality to save you money while being as effective as possible. 

Ready to start? Discover your solution today. Want to learn more? Some additional areas we can collaborate with your organization on including the below:

An essential tool in understanding the expected performance of an electrical system and determining the severity of a fault or other unexpected event. 

Worker safety is the priority, but if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to mitigate the risks of Arc Flash, you’re threatening what matters most. The ABB Field Services South team highly reduces these risks, so you can focus on the job at hand. 

The process of bringing together the sub-station components into one system and ensuring they are communications and functioning properly. 

An investment in the avoidance of failures. Preventative maintenance can eliminate disruptions to your production so you can continue to work efficiently. 

Typically focusing on one functional zone specifically, these studies determine the reliability and predictaibility of that zone.

This type of analysis assists in identifying the underlying issues of the production problem. 

Documentation typically describing the specific functions that a system or component must perform. 

The five-step process in which a project is initiated and completed sticking to budget and timeline. Our team of experts can assist with getting the job done to your specifications.

Specialized project management techniques that assist in the completion of construction-specific applications. 

Backed by ABB University, our expert team provides on and off-site training to enable you to be up to date on the matters that mean the most to you. This includes a number of topics including guidance for individuals who will have responsibilities working on NFPA 70Es.

This service allows you as a customer to witness the testing of their motor or generator without having to travel to an ABB facility. 

This service allows you as a customer to witness the testing of their entire system without having to travel to an ABB facility.

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