Switchgears assist in the prevention and protection of short-circuiting of specific circuits without interruption to the entire system.

Breakers (New and Retrofits)

Low voltage circuit breakers are suited for circuit ratings of 600 volts or less.  Whether you need a new unit or attention to an existing unit, the ABB Field Services South team can help. 


A device that directs electricity from one or more sources of supply to several.


A passive electrical device that transfers or passes electricity from one circuit to another, or multiples. 

Motor Control Centers

An assembly that controls some or all of the electric motors in one specific location.

Metering Equipment

Electric meters and associated equipment may include items such as metering transformers and meters for measuring kilowatt-hours and reactive volt-ampere hours.

Protective Relays

A device designed to trip a circuit when a problem or issue is detected. 


A motor controller that drives an electric motor by ranging frequencies and voltage supplied. 


Components installed in fixtures that require momentary contact switching.

Power Monitoring Equipment

Devices used to monitor and measure the consumption of energy in order to best support energy-saving activities.