Protective Relay

Providing turnkey solutions from electromechanical to state of the art universal relays. The ABB Field Services South team can setup, test, replace and do fill upgrades of your protective relay systems.


Switchgears assist in the prevention and protection of short-circuiting of specific circuits. ABB Field Services South team accesses the situation and provides the needed maintenance to ensure your equipment stays up and running without interruption to the entire system. 

Breakers (New and Retrofits)

Low voltage circuit breakers are suited for circuit ratings of 600 volts or more.  Whether you need a new unit or attention to an existing unit, the ABB Field Services South team can help. 

Motor Starters/Contactors

Contractors apply to the voltage that is expelled in order to interrupt power to the circuit. Starters is simply a contractor plus an overload relay. 

Vacuum Interrupters

As the core component, the contractor and interrupters are the ideal solutions in medium voltage applications. 


A passive electrical device that transfers or passes electricity from one circuit to another, or multiples.