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As an OEM of electrical distribution equipment, ABB knows power delivery systems inside and out. From commercial and industrial power delivery needs with substations to power panels we have you covered. No matter your need or challenge, know you will be backed by the ABB Field Services South expertise and experience. 

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Our quality products and services are part of a global network that brings you qualified engineers and technicians with strong project management expertise with broad multi-vendor offerings. We are proud to offer solutions for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • And More

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As the core component, the contactor and interrupters are the ideal solutions in medium voltage applications.

External to the switchgear, the bus duct or ISO bus collects electrical power from incoming feeders and distributes it to outgoing feeders to ensure everything is working exactly as it should.  ABB Field Services South provides monitoring and support for ongoing performance.

Avoid the expense of a total breaker replacement, while maintaining the integrity of the rest of your equipment. If it is time for a total upgrade we can also assist you in picking the best solution that will keep you efficient and on budget. 

ABB Field Services South offers testing to ensure all items are ready to be used after a fault.

Providing turnkey solutions from electromechanical to state-of-the-art universal relays. The ABB Field Services South team can setup, test, replace, and do fill upgrades of your protective relay systems.

ABB Field Services South provides a ready-to-go, full package of solutions which are easily deployed and implemented by your business.

Stay on schedule, within budget and mitigate safety risks when you partner with the ABB Field Services South team for your startup and commissioning projects.

Our team’s process of defining the models, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements for your business. 

An essential tool in understanding the expected performance of an electrical system. These are required by law to stay compliant and the ABB Field Services South team can provide turnkey solutions that include:

  • Verifying and Obtaining Utility Data Collection
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Coordination of Protective Devices to Ensure Other Devices Don’t Trip
  • Identifying Risk and Providing High-Risk Equipment When Needed

Worker safety is the priority, but if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to mitigate the risks of Arc Flash, you’re threatening what matters most. The ABB Field Services South team highly reduces these risks, so you can focus on the job at hand. 

Our team works along with your team to troubleshoot failed products, machines, processes, and systems to make things operational again.

Switchgears assist in the prevention and protection of short-circuiting of specific circuits without interruption to the entire system. The ABB Field Services South team maintains and upgrades these units to ensure the proper function is consistent. 

Breakers should provide a safety mechanism in case of a power overload to the system. Breakers that are regularly tripped indicate a problem with electricity flow or the breaker itself. This is where the ABB Field Services Team comes in.

ABB Field Services South offers a wide range of services to help your business execute the outage on schedule and within budget. With preventive maintenance, you also reduce the risk of having these problems occur more frequently.

The process of bringing together the sub-station components into one system and ensuring they are communicating and functioning properly.

Document(s) that specify the functions that a system or component must perform to operate properly. 

Auto throw-over schemes assist in minimizing the power interruption by transferring the power load from the normal source to an alternate source when the normal source is temporarily unavailable. 

Manage and control your power so your staff is alerted of potential problems before they occur. 

ABB Field Services South offers solutions that allow you to manage risk, efficiency, and more for all of your systems from a remote location.  

The process of compensating for a lagging electrical current by creating a leading current with capacitors. 

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