Auto Throw-over Schemes

Auto throw-over schemes assist in minimizing the power interruption by transferring the power load from the normal source to an alternate source when the normal source is temporarily unavailable. 

Power failures can happen for all types of reasons such as a weather event or equipment failure but keeping your operation up and running is the goal. The ABB Field Services South team offers you a solution that enables you to stay on track no matter what happens. Auto throw-over schemes are reliable and dependable which minimizes problems caused by faulty conditions in the electrical source. These systems automatically switch which means human operation or intervention is rarely needed.

auto throw over schemes power integration icon

Benefits of ATO include:

  • Minimal Power Interruption for Continued Productivity
  • Increased Reliability
  • Increased Safety
  • Decreased Revenue Losses

Organizations like yours can benefit tremendously from the installation and preventative maintenance of new or existing ATO scheme systems. Other industries that also benefit include hospitals and medical buildings, schools, factories, warehouses, restaurants, and malls.

ABB Field Services South enables you to feel like you’re never putting your business at risk because of a missed critical install or obsolete and under-maintained equipment. Go to a place of pure confidence with an optimized auto throw-over scheme just for you. Get started today. 


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