Medium Voltage Contactor/Vacuum Interrupters

As the core component, the contactor and interrupters are the ideal solutions in medium voltage applications.

Medium voltage contactors are apparatus suitable for operating in AC and are normally used to control users requiring a high number of hourly operations. ABB vacuum contactors are available in the fixed version with the following functions: 

  • Single Command Operated
  • Electrical Latching Behaviour
  • Double Command Operated Mechanical Latching Behaviour
  • And More

abb medium voltage contactor

ABB Field Services South vacuum contactors for medium voltages are used for controlling electrical apparatus in the electrical power and transmission industry. Because of the vacuum interrupter breaking technique, the ABB vacuum contactors can operate in particularly difficult environments. 

Suitable for control and protection of:

  • Medium Voltage Motors
  • Transformers 
  • Power Factor Correction Banks
  • Switching systems
  • And More

All items are suitable to work with a range of equipment. To learn more or to get started contact us today!


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