How to Get More with Power System Studies

power system studies

Are power system studies vital for your facility? Absolutely! And these reports can also save you money when used correctly. Keep reading to learn how you can get the most out of your upcoming studies.

What Is a Power System Study?

Simply put, a power system study is a thorough analysis of several engineering investigations. Each study evaluates different parts of your power system to ensure they all work under ideal and abnormal conditions. Here are some common studies:

  • Load flow
  • Arc flash risk study
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Motor starting report
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Electrical load monitoring
  • Lightning protection
  • Time-current report

It’s uncommon for a facility to request all these studies at once. They are more likely to order an analysis to address a system-wide problem or during an upgrade. The data collected will help you make smart decisions related to your power system.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from power system study:

  1. Fewer Safety Incidents

An arc flash incident can cost your company a bundle. Damage to expensive equipment may put you offline, and paying for repairs adds up quickly. And that doesn’t even touch the amount you’ll pay to treat an injury. A power system study will show where and how to improve safety. Developing an effective safety plan will reduce the number of adverse events. Even preventing one safety incident will more than pay for the analysis.

  • Better Preventative Maintenance

The results of a power system report will help you plan a better preventative maintenance program. For instance, load flow data or short circuit values may help you decipher when your equipment might fail. This information lets you take action now instead of waiting for a total system collapse.

  • Find Areas to Conserve Power

Are you getting the most value from your power system? While an electric bill provides the total wattage used each month, it doesn’t break down the numbers. The results from a recent analysis should clearly show how and where you are using energy. This information will help you reduce demand wherever possible, lowering your energy bill over time.

Want to save money while improving power distribution at your facility? Connect with the ABB Field Services South team to learn how to get the most value from power system studies.