The Impact of Power Delivery

power delivery grid

When was the last time you thought about the impact of power delivery? While people rely on electricity every day, they often take it for granted until disaster strikes. Outages and downtime significantly affect daily life. Here are the many profound ways power and energy delivery impacts the entire world:

The Impact on Business

Power plays a vital role in every industry. It runs the systems and processes in nearly all facilities. Without it, equipment would fail, and production would cease. Reliable power sources help businesses meet deadlines, develop products, and serve their customers. If energy delivery were to stop, the economy would suffer tremendously.

The Impact on Innovation

Innovation is the backbone of society. It’s responsible for finding solutions to problems once thought unsolvable. However, innovation also relies on power to thrive. Innovators need energy delivery to run their machinery, systems, and technology. During outages and downtime, this equipment becomes useless. Without a dependable delivery system, many projects and global advances would come to a sudden halt.

The Impact on Safety

Without power, the world would be a dark, cold place—both figuratively and literally. Energy lights up roads, houses, and businesses. It gives telephones and computers the voltage needed to call for help. Thanks to electricity, you don’t have to walk down a dark street or sleep in a cold home. Advances in power delivery make the world a safer place.

The Impact on Health

Modern medicine exists because of power. Electricity runs life-saving equipment, including ventilators and defibrillators. Improved power delivery guarantees there are plenty of outlets and enough voltage to treat patients. Backup power supplies make it possible to continue saving lives even during an outage. Reliable energy delivery ensures people get the treatment they need in a timely manner.

ABB’s Impact on Power Delivery

Power is the focus of everything we do at ABB Field Services. We understand the importance of reliable power delivery. That’s why we offer the products and services needed to keep all systems up and running. We pinpoint power system issues quickly so that you experience little to no downtime. And if we do find a problem, we’ll offer a solution to help prevent an outage. Contact an energy expert on the ABB Field Services team to learn even more about the impact of power delivery.